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Pretty neat little 3d tower defense. Obviously with the limited time you had to create things, you can eventually get to pretty much invincible. Resources also eventually get to useless but see point one. The sounds were a little loud, particularly the missiles, but the music felt really nice. Some more variety of buildings and balance and you could have something pretty cool.

Really cool concept and fun. My only complaint is that there were alot of bugs including camera getting stuck, and number keys not working. Overall I really like the concept though!

If you would like to play my game you can here:

I limited the camera movent to not go over the poles to stop you from getting disoriented. But I realized that in this game, it wouldn't be an issue.

Number keys not working may be because you have less resources. I didn't have time to put in an indicator for it.

found a bug. When you delete a laser whatever you replace it with is able to shoot lasers as well.

Whoa that's not supposed to happen. Can you post a picture?